Frac Water Heater Trucks & Trailers from Chandler MFG

Is your oilfield service equipment keeping up with the demands of your fracking operation? Hydraulic fracturing relies on a steady supply of fluid slurry at just the right temperature. Having a fleet of water heater trucks and trailers can make a significant difference in the productivity of your location. 

Understanding the Importance of Temperature

Upstream Pumping experts underscore that heated water does a better job at combining with the chemicals and sand in the extraction hole. Because this step makes the difference in running a competitive operation, estimates suggest that 18 percent of the equipment at work sites involves water and heating supplies. The transportation of water, as well as its storage at the right heating levels, takes place with the help of specialized equipment.

Reliable Water Heater Trucks and Trailers Support your Site’s Productivity

Work with an industry leader who not only has the equipment you need on hand but also handles regular maintenance tasks. Frac water heater trucks offer the right sizing to travel long distances with ease. Trailers augment the versatility of your existing equipment with high-tech gadgetry and ample storage space. 

Older equipment can no longer ensure the competitive edge of your operations. Instead, you need trucks or trailers with heat chambers, burners, generators, and programmable controllers. Moreover, the hardware must meet the growing needs of your operation to keep up with the demands of the job site. By putting your workers in charge of water heater operations, you ensure that you have slurry at a temperature your area’s makeup of sand and chemicals requires. 

We Do Rebuilds, Too!

We frequently talk to operations managers who have trucks or trailers already as part of their fleets. However, as the equipment ages, it no longer compares well to the newcomers that are flooding the market. Rebuilding your vehicles may make the most sense at this time. We can replace or rebuild heaters, service tanks, piping, and propane burners. If your tank’s old, we gladly reapply its inner coating for better performance. Some clients have also benefited from our mechanical drive to hydraulic drive conversions.

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