Our Facilities

The facilities for Chandler Mfg., LLC include one manufacturing plant, one warehouse, one driveline shop and a paint facility totaling 23,000 square feet of working space. Chandler Mfg. is a full service OEM manufacturer and we take pride in all of our products, whether it is a refurbish, repair, or a new construction. Chandler Mfg. thrives on having the best equipment in the oilfield industry. The greatest satisfaction we get is when our customers call to let us know they have just out performed the competition by great means. Chandler Mfg. can only achieve this by having every process of the construction of the unit in the facilities scrutinized by our top management. These processes include metal forming, mechanical, prefabrication, fabrication, assembly, paint and body, testing, and field work. We accomplish the process by having top notch “tools of the trade” consisting of:

  • 200 ton, 12 ft. press brake
  • hydraulic, 10 ft. leaf brake
  • ½” plate roll
  • 65 ton iron worker
  • 10 ft. cam driven shear
  • 6ft.x10ft. CNC burn/plasma center
  • automatic sub-arc; automatic rolls
  • vertical mill
  • 4-electric pipe thread machines
  • 2-hydraulic hose crimpers
  • portable plasma cutter
  • 2 drill presses
  • Maxturn 2160 lathe
  • load expert
  • Auto Cad

As stated before, we manufacture units and sell OEM replacement parts around the world, with our agents in each country working close at hand. We sell to our customers in the United States, and the following countries:

  • Algeria
  • Africa
  • Angola
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • Ecuador
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Republic of Belarus
  • United Kingdom
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen


Facility Images