The Company

Chandler Mfg., LLC is not just an oil, industrial, and manufacturing company but we are a business dedicated to placing the highest quality of craftsmanship possible, while at the same time, building relationships which allow our customers and our employees to reach their highest potential! Chandler Mfg. is the place where experience, proper planning, and hard work join together to produce the highest quality standard in the industry.

At Chandler Mfg., LLC, we meet our goals by utilizing the following principles:

  • Individual attention-Customized units tailored to each customer’s needs
  • Professional designers, welders, and fabricators
  • Support staff
  • Uncompromised safety
  • Emphasis on environment awareness and protection
  • And always remembering our motto: “SERVICE AFTER THE SALE”

Licenses, Patents & Affiliations

  • Patent No. 8,534,235 on diesel fired technology
  • Trailer/Semitrailer Dealership license #P5802X
  • Independent Motor Vehicle Dealer license holder #P51941
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau
  • Member of NAFTA