Rebuilt & Refurbished

Chandler Mfg., LLC has a skilled Repair department that has experience working on all makes of Hot Oil Units, Tank Trucks and similar equipment. We are experts at everything from routine off-season maintenance to complete rebuilds.

Typical Repair & Refurb Jobs:

  • Off-Season inspection and maintenance of heating Units.
  • Modifications to competitor’s equipment to obtain greater performance and efficiency.
  • Replace Standard Heater Coil. Chandler builds drop-in replacement coils for all makes of heating equipment.
  • Build & Install Custom Heater Coil. Chandler can build custom replacement coils for virtually any heater.
  • Replace Standard or Custom Propane Burners.
  • Repair, Rebuild or Replace Entire Heater.
  • Repair, Rebuild or Replace Service Tank.
  • Repairing & Modifying unit piping to meet customer’s requirements.
  • Repair or Replace Mechanical Drive systems such as PTO’s, Auxiliary Transmissions, Drivelines, Gear Drives, Belt/Chain Systems, etc.
  • Repairs to Hydraulic Drive systems including hoses, valves, pumps, motors, etc.
  • Converting Mechanically Driven systems to Hydraulic Drive.
  • Removing bodies from damaged or worn out trucks and installing them on new trucks.
  • Truck frame modifications including lengthening frames and installing additional axles.
  • General repairs of equipment damaged by fire, collision, or neglect.
  • Repainting Equipment and applying internal tank coatings.